Contests and Scholarships

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Chloe Nichols Scholarship      Applications Due by May 1, 2018

” . . .  Chloe Nichols, an eight year-old girl whose spirit and determination inspires others to reach for and achieve their goals. Chloe was a fiercely determined girl who never backed down from a challenge. She was a very imaginative and creative child who loved stories, art and all things “girly”. She passed away tragically at age eight on August 25, 2009, and yes, she fought all the way to the end.The Chloe Nichols Memorial Scholarship will be granted each year to one, or more, college bound High School senior who demonstrates superior creativity. ” – The Chloe Nichols Organization


Devil Pups Youth Program

” Devil Pups is a non-profit organization designed to help boys and girls from all backgrounds gain self-confidence and learn to take responsibility for their actions. The program is not a ‘mini boot camp’, para-military or recruiting organization for the Marine Corps. Devil Pups is a camp comprising 10 days of challenge, teamwork, discipline and education for boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 17.

The Devil Pups Program is a demanding physical and academic good citizenship program for young teenagers. It is important to mention that the program is more mental than physical; reflecting the ‘whole person’ concept. The program foundations are intellectual, spiritual, social and physical. “