Unit Goals


Cadet​ -​ Achieve and maintain a strong commitment to academic excellence by offering tutoring through our Kitty Hawk Air Society team to all cadets who seek it and to those who fail to reach a 2.0 or receive an F. All leaders and team members who fail to reach a 2.0 or receive an F are mandated to attend Kitty Hawk, or face possible loss of position and team privileges. Team members who fail to reach the requirement will be obligated to attend Kitty Hawk during drill team practice, after school.


Cadet​ – Foster esprit de corps and preserve a 90% retention rate through cadet bonding events such as one game night, movie night, and potluck every semester. There will be at least two field trips this year.


School​ ​Complete at least one special project that will benefit the unit and school. We will successfully manage a monthly campus clean up, including one BIG campus clean up per semester.


School​ ​Participate in all school-run activities (e.g. spirit week, open house, awards, assemblies). Respond to all office calls for assistance, provide support to the student body to the best of the Corps’ ability.


Community​ – ​Accomplish an accumulative minimum of 8,000 community service hours, approximately 40 hours per cadet. 95% of the corps will participate in at least one community service event each month. Cadet Safety will always be the #1 priority.


Community​ – ​Supply a color guard and guest speakers to any organization upon request and respond to any requests from the Mira Mesa Town Council.